Isle of Mull Cheese

Owned by The Reade Family


The Reade Family have lived on Mull and made cheese since 1983 and initially supplied the fresh milk for the island until 2000, when the decision was made to use all the milk for cheese making. Our Isle of Mull Cheese and Hebridean Blue can be found across the country in farm shops, delis, and on the menus of many restaurants.

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Isle of Mull Cheese, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, PA75 6QD

Isle of Mull Cheese

Isle of Mull Cheese is a family run business and dairy farm, with an onsite farm shop and café, four holiday cottage lets, as well as having a small pork enterprise. We milk 130 dairy cows here at Sgriob-ruadh Farm and use all of the unpasteurised milk for cheesemaking.

Our Glass Barn café sells our cheese and pork, as well our homemade jams and chutneys. We café serve light lunches, homemade cakes, tea and coffee, and are open to the public seasonally inviting visitors to come and see where our cheese is made and relax in our café.

What makes us special

When our family moved to Sgriob-ruadh Farm, it was derelict, having not been lived on for many years. Since, we have worked hard to create an infrastructure which makes dairy farming viable on our beautiful island, and now produce all of our own sustainable energy from our wood chip boiler, wind turbine, and hydroelectric plant. We have also installed a heat regeneration system which uses the heat removed from the milk in the evening to warm it back up for cheese making in the morning.

Our cheese is made using unpasteurised milk, maintaining the natural flavours, and allowing us more scope to create individualism and a maturity of flavours. The maturation rooms are built into a hill which helps to maintain temperature and humidity and the clothbound Isle of Mull Cheeses are aged here for 12-18 months.

Never being ones to waste anything, and always re-using materials where we can, our Glass Barn café and shop structure is the recycled old village hall from a nearby village. We installed frames and glass to the metal work and have growing inside a variety of plants, flowers, as well as a grape vine, and very mature ornamental vine which spans across the ceiling.

While you're here...

  • Mull is a beautiful island with lots to explore. There is wonderful walks and amazing beaches, as well as lots of wildlife to be found.


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