Westerton Farmers

Owned by Fiona Gammie


Westerton Farmers is run by David and Fiona, who are 3rd and 4th generation farmers, and they have a team of very dedicated staff helping them on the farm.

Westerton Farmers

Westerton Farmers is a family run farm in the North East of Scotland. Farm to Table is a shop with retails our homegrown vegetables, potatoes and fruits, as well as other local produce such as meat, seafood, breads and jams. We also have a refillery section which allows customers to bring their own containers to stock up on cupboard staples such as flour and cereal, frozen items such as peas, pastries and chips.

What makes us special

We are very focused on sustainable agricultural practices and reducing waste – both in our farming business and our retail business. We are the only farm near by offering pick you own vegetables and potatoes.

While you're here...

  • pick your own veg, coffee machine, takeaway sandwiches, freshly baked bread, refillery, parking, disabled access, hand washing, bike rack,
  • test


  • Registered as free water refill station
  • No chemicals used on vegetables
  • Pick your own tatties and pumpkins
  • Farm Tours
  • pick your own veg
  • local walks
  • nearby cafes
  • parks

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