Craigie's Farm Deli and Cafe

Owned by John and Kirsteen Sinclair


Hi, I'm John Sinclair
I farm at West Craigie with my wife, Kirsteen, our two children, Sophie and George and my mother, Anne not forgetting Pippa and Ruby the Labs.
West Craigie is very much a family farm, but obviously as we've grown, we've taken on more and more staff. We always try to make sure they share our values and understand the unique responsibility of running the farm.


0131 319 1048

West Craigie Farm, Edinburgh, EH30 9TR

Craigie's Farm Deli and Cafe

If Craigie's is about anything, it's about the pleasure of enjoying good food. We're passionate about the taste of produce that's really fresh because it's as seasonal and local to our farm shop located to the west of Edinburgh.
That's as true for what's served in our farmhouse cafe as what you'll find on our shelves. Some comes direct from our farm, some from small suppliers and farmers a little further afield. Wherever it hails from, we think it's important to know its origins. The way we see it, the simple pleasures in life almost always turn out to be the best.
Craigie's is the perfect place for little ones to discover that food comes from a farm, not a supermarket. Whether it's picking (and probably eating) a punnet of strawberries, hearing a hen cluck, meeting a little lamb, or becoming a Nature Detective on our special trail, there's plenty to discover and lots of open-air farm fun to enjoy.

What makes us special

At West Craigie, we are lucky to have very close contact with our customers, so it's so much easier to hear what you want and try and get the produce you're after. So, don't hesitate to ask for that unusual cut of beef or that peculiar cheese you read about in a magazine or saw on TV ...we'll do our best to help. Please just ask any of our staff. We always try to have at least one family member in or close to the farm shop, or you can email me anytime

While you're here...

  • Pick your own strawberries and raspberries
  • Walk on Craigie Hill
  • Cycle
  • Tackle our Nature Detective Trail
  • Bird spotting
  • Lots for the kids


  • Food tastings, demonstrations, workshops
  • New Canine Cafe for dog walkers

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